Alternatives for Development or Alternatives to Development?

Alternatives for Development or Alternatives to Development?

Although no one can deny the important role that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have played around the world, it is also recognised that there were many issues the MDGs did not address. In this context, the High-Level Pannel suggests that the Post-2015 Agenda (also called as the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs) should be supported by dynamic partnerships willing to act together and willing to change the current paradigm.

This paper offers a brief overview of how the MDGs and the proposals of the High-Level Panel for the SDGs, relate with the paradigm of Good Living (in Ecuador), which is part of a proposal of different ideas set up by various groups since the 1990s, called alternatives to development and which includes interculturality and national diversity as fundamental axioms for the development of the populations.

Author: Mireya Anabell Villacis Taco, Maria Fernanda Mora Garces and Rodrigo Lopez


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