National Level Implications of Implementing SDGs in Paraguay

National Level Implications of Implementing SDGs in Paraguay

National-Level-Implications-of-Implementing-SDGs-in-Paraguay-coverThis paper looks at the national level implications of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Paraguay. Specifically, it examines the compatibility of the SDGs with the objectives of Paraguay’s National Development Plan (NDP); the coordination, management and monitoring mechanisms available for implementing the SDGs; the political, institutional and economic challenges for achieving the SDGs; the existence of (or potential for) effective partnerships and stakeholder participation; and the capacity of government statistics agencies to monitor and report the SDG targets. The study suggests that implementing the SDGs in Paraguay will not be an easy task. The challenges range from institutional weaknesses and poor coordination capacity to inadequate financing and social accountability mechanisms. In order to optimize Paraguay’s performance to accomplish the SDGs, the government will need to improve its ability to design and implement public policies, and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its national statistics system. It will also have to promote platforms for civil society participation and work closely with local government institutions throughout the country. In addition, it will need to put more efforts to reduce illicit financial flows, and increase foreign direct investment (FDI).


Author: Verónica Serafini Geoghegan




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