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First Approximations on


International Development Goals



This paper contains the outcome document of the Dhaka Expert Group Meeting.







Paper One

Designing MDGs for a Most Just World

Professor Rehman Sobhan



This paper draws on the keynote address delivered by Professor Rehman Sobhan, Chairman of CPD at the Dhaka Expert Group Meeting. The paper raises some fundamental concerns regarding the ‘structural injustice’ underpinning the mainstream economic paradigms. Professor Sobhan elaborates on how post‐MDG international development goals can contribute to promoting a ‘more just world’.






Paper Two

The Post-2015 Development Agenda: Learning from the MDGs

Dr David Hulme



This paper draws on the special address delivered by Professor David Hulme, Executive Director of the Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester at a session of the Dhaka Expert Group Meeting. The paper takes a critical view regarding the globalisation of poverty reduction efforts through the MDGs and their implementation. Professor Hulme also delineated some lessons from the MDG experience for the South.





SV OP 3 for web_Page_01Paper 3

Integrating Productive Employment into the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Dr Rizwanul Islam


This paper draws on the special comments delivered by Dr Rizwanul Islam, former Special Adviser, Growth, Employment and Poverty Reduction Sector, ILO, Geneva at a session of the Dhaka Expert Group Meeting on a very pertinent issue. The paper underscores the importance of productive and decent employment in achieving inclusive economic growth, one of the major pillars of post‐2015 development agenda. Highlighting how employment can act as a mechanism for transformative change, Dr Islam delineates some measurable indicators and policy considerations for achieving this particular goal.





PrintPaper 4

MDGs: The Unfinished Agenda

Martin Benavides
Rasheda K Choudhury
Ibrahima Hathie
Rounaq Jahan
John Rwirahira
Raghavan Suresh


The present issue of the Paper includes the contributions made at the second session on “The Unfinished Agenda” of the Dhaka Expert Group Meeting (11‐13 January 2013). The publication is a collection of six presentations and interventions which focus on specific development areas (e.g. gender agenda) of continued relevance for the post‐2015 agenda. The contributions also provide a number of interesting geographical experiences (e.g. Latin America). The prospective role of the Southern Voice on Post-MDGs network has been highlighted in one of the pieces.


SV OP 5 - CopyPaper 5

Post-MDGs: Issues for the Future

Vaqar Ahmed
Khalida Ghaus
Asif Iqbal
A B Mirza Azizul Islam
Musambya Mutambala


This Paper is a collection of five presentations and interventions which addresses a number of emerging issues that need to be included in the post-2015 agenda. The contributions, besides highlighting the difficult policy choices to be made in the future, focuses on the country experience of Pakistan, as well as issues for Southern countries in general, and fragile states in particular. The need to integrate science and technology issues in the post-2015 agenda has been underscored in one of the pieces included.



SV OP 6Paper 6

Global Partnership for Post-MDGs and Resource Mobilisation

Nadeem Ahmed
Saman Kelegama
Paula Lucci
Richard Marshall
Mustafizur Rahman
Sultan Hafeez Rahman
Tom Thomas


This paper is a collection of seven presentations and interventions which focus on the emerging issues of global partnership and resource mobilisation in the context of the post-2015 agenda. The contributions highlight the changing contours of global partnership, and sources of development finance, as well as underscore the importance of institutions and governance in accessing and utilisation of the mobilised resources.


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