SV partners engage with citizens and policymakers

SV partners engage with citizens and policymakers

Recognising that the success of the SDGs will largely depend on the power of partnerships, Southern Voice’s network members have been engaging with various key stakeholders, including citizens and policy makers, in different regions across the globe.



National SDG Workshop Tanzania

ESRF and Ministry of Finance and Planning, Tanzania organise National SDG Workshop

The Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF), a partner organisation from the Southern Voice network, partnered with the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Poverty Eradication Division, to hold a brainstorming workshop on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Tanzania.

More concretely, the workshop involved discussions and debate around four issues: research agenda on the SDGs; localisation of SDGs; monitoring, dissemination/communication of SDGs. Click here for details.




An orientation session for data partners organised by PDP (August 2016).

SDPI-Alif Ailaan’s Pakistan Data Portal enters Second Phase

The Pakistan Data Portal (PDP), a joint project of Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and Alif Ailaan, has entered into its second phase of operation. Launched in December 2014, PDP’s main objectives are to support, promote and facilitate evidence-based policy making in Pakistan’s education sector via sharing open data for policy makers, researchers, analysts and journalists to conduct further research and analysis.

The Portal collates datasets from state and non-state research institutions on topics including infrastructure, finance, enrollment and performance. It is a single point of access, allowing trends in Pakistani education to be tracked and analysed. Its features of data interactivity and visualisations enable users to get a clear picture of the state of education in Pakistan, and also reveal where the gaps lie. It currently hosts 601,709 rows of data entries pertaining to 183 datasets.

In the coming days, the PDP team envisions to include data on all the SDG goal areas. For more information on this initiative, visit its dedicated website or contact Ms Saadiya Razzaq, Team Leader, PDP at <>.


Launching-Citizen's Platform of SDGs Bangladesh

Launch of the Platform (June 2016)

Citizens float Platform for implementing SDGs in Bangladesh

The Citizen’s Platform for SDGs, Bangladesh has been launched with the partnership of national and international NGOs operating in Bangladesh.

A group of concerned citizens from Bangladesh have set up the Platform with the objective of contributing to the delivery of the SDGs at the country level and enhancing accountability in its implementation process.

The Platform attempts to attain these through awareness building; knowledge generation; information sharing; dialogues and town hall meetings; capacity development; network strengthening and policy influencing.

For more information, visit the dedicated website of the initiative.





Juan José Herrera

Project Coordinator of the Initiative, speaking at an event of the Observatory

Grupo FARO to launch Citizen’s Observatory for monitoring SDG implementation in Ecuador

Southern Voice’s network partner Grupo FARO and FFLA are about to launch a monitoring and accountability initiative for the delivery of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Ecuador.

The initiative viz. “ODS Territorio Ecuador“, will first establish the priorities of 5 provinces in Ecuador within the framework of the SDGs, through a collaborative process of dialogue and workshops, hereby ameliorating people lives at the grassroot level. Then, the project seeks to conform 1 national and 5 sub national citizen observatories of the implementation of the SDGs in Ecuador. The provinces are Azuay, Galápagos, Manabí, Napo and Santo Domingo.

It will also inform the debate regarding the relevance and challenges of SDG implementation in Ecuador, and is expected to build the capacities of local authorities and key actors engaged with SDG implementation in Ecuador.

Queries regarding the project may be addressed to Juan José Herrera, Project Coordinator, Grupo FARO at <>.

For more information visit:

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