Southern experts discuss what research quality means for think tanks at TTI Exchange, Istanbul

CPD Distinguished Fellow Dr Debapriya Bhattacharya has encouraged think tank researchers to focus on trade-offs within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and consider which trade-offs have implications for indicators.

Dr Bhattacharya, also Chair, Southern Voice on Post-MDGs, was moderating a plenary discussion on “Research Quality for Think Tanks,” at the 2015 TTI Exchange in Istanbul, Turkey on Wednesday, 18 February 2015.

Photo: Shannon Sutton

(right) Debapriya Bhattacharya has presented findings from the Post-2015 Data Test country-level experiences at TTIX. Photo: Shannon Sutton

The Exchange, organised by the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) during 18-20 February 2015 brings together up to 200 think tanks, donors, and other research-to-policy stakeholders to explore perspectives on the theme of “Research Quality: Approaches, Outreach and Impact.”

The first plenary comprising Mahmood Mamdani, MISR, Uganda; Miguel Jaramillo, GRADE, Peru; Ifediora Amobi, AfriHeritage, Nigeria and Priyanthi Fernando, CEPA, Sri Lanka shared perspectives on research quality for think tanks, and how think tanks deal with different knowledge and approaches to research.

Photo: Laurie Huggett, CommsConsult Ltd.

Photo: Laurie Huggett, CommsConsult Ltd.

The two-day event will include more plenary sessions on policymaker’s perspectives on research quality, assuring quality of research in TTs and overview of TTI external evaluation, as well as parallel session on tools for research quality, outreach and engagement, quality assurance mechanisms and open discussion on potential collaboration.

CPD Executive Director Professor Mustafizur Rahman, Research Director Dr Fahmida Khatun, Research Fellow Mr Towfiqul Islam Khan and Research Associate Mahenaw Ummul Wara are also attending the event.

Think Tank researchers will discuss what research quality means for think tank impact, both in theory and in practice. This Exchange aims to learn more about what research quality means, as well as learn about approaches and tools to strengthen research, engage with key actors, and increase the impact of think tanks.

This infographics (click to enlarge) produced by TTI thematically categorise the participating think tanks and underscore their common areas to be shared

Infographic-1-themes              Infographic-2-collaboration

Event Objectives

  • Share perspectives on how research quality can lead to think tank impact.
  • Share knowledge, practice, and experience on how think tanks are ensuring rigour and quality research while maintaining policy relevance.
  • Create awareness and exposure to a range of different approaches, methods, and tools for strengthening research quality.
  • Identify potential areas of capacity development and related support for research quality in think tanks.
  • Promote networking and collaboration between think tanks and other research to policy stakeholders.

Source: TTI website

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