Flagship Report on State of the SDGs is set in motion


It has been a global trend for experts from developed countries to inform development debates, due to an asymmetry in the generation of knowledge between different regions of the world, and lack of opportunities for Southern researchers and development experts to engage in international debates.

To this end, Southern Voice has launched its new flagship initiative titled the State of the SDGs. This is a contribution from Southern based think tanks, aimed at improving the review process of the SDGs, promoting learning based on contextualised knowledge, and encouraging timely responses to promote success. Planned as a bi-annual report, the first State of the SDGs is expected to be ready for July 2019.

Tilting the Balance of Power Southwards for SDG Delivery

Southern Voice on the State of the SDGs (SVSS) will address participation deficit of the Global South, and the knowledge asymmetry tied to the global SDG discourse, by providing evidence-based analysis and recommendations for improving the delivery of the SDGs and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development.

The SVSS will contribute to the follow-up and review process by,

  • Assessing the effectiveness of the delivery of the global agenda contextualised at the national level;
  • Examining the implementation of selected themes from a cross-country perspective to harness lessons for success and,
  • Exploring the impact of global systemic issues concerning economic governance on SDG implementation in national contexts to strengthen the global partnership arrangements.


A collaborative blueprint

As a network, Southern Voice carries out its activities through wide consultation processes with members and with other partners of the network.



These are the latest updates from the initiative.

Final planning workshop takes place in Antigua Guatemala

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October, 2017 – Twenty experts from Africa, Asia and Latin America met in Antigua Guatemala to plan the detailed execution of the SVSS. This, the first meeting, of Southern Voice in Latin America was hosted by ASIES (Asociación de Investigación y Estudios Sociales). This two day workshop allowed members of Southern Voice discuss the methodological approach and the implementation strategy for the network’s most ambitious initiative to date.

Consultation Meeting takes place during HLPF

July, 2017 – Taking advantage of the variety of experts that join the High Level Political Forum in New York, Southern Voice and the United Nations Foundation convened a group of experts to discuss the opportunities to engage in the follow-up and review process of the SDGs.

Experts discussed the importance of having a diversity of actors engaged with this process, and highlighted the knowledge gaps to turn the SDGs into a truly universal agenda. It was highlighted that southern based think tanks can make a unique contribution with an independent perspective that is also grounded in the national and local contexts.

First presentation of the SVSS initiative to global experts

May, 2017 – As part of its Strategic Plan for 2017-2020, Southern Voice has reaffirmed its commitment to engage in the review processes of the SDGs. Learning from the MDG experience, and the knowledge that emerged from previous Southern Voice research programmes, the network has identified the need to expand the availability and relevance of independent analysis of the SDGs that is relevant to both, national and global debates.

As a result, Southern Voice has presented its plan to produce an independent, southern led initiative to support the follow-up and review process by providing insights on how the SDGs are implemented in the countries, and reflections on how to accelerate their successful implementation.

Southern Voice presented its initial proposal to researchers and policy experts in a meeting co-organized with the United Nations Foundation. The meeting served as an opportunity for representatives from the global development community to reflect on the current knowledge gaps, the political challenges and the opportunities of the new Agenda 2030.

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